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K-Vantaa vs Jokerit

Jokerit failed in the play-off last edition to show their teeth and this year will again demonstrate that they are a force in the Russian championship.

For that Russians started with the right preparation period, a win 4: 0 against the Finns from Roki, will then lose on penalties against compatriots from Novosibirsk. K-Vantaa is the first dispute friendly and able to win this match is very small, the value of the consignment allows them to dream of such a victory.

Finns have taken place in August last year in Mestis but have not passed the first round of the play-off for the band who termiant first Jukurit this year will duel again to catch the last places available for the final phase. Russians are a very strong team and I expect to impose on foot, and if necessary at exactly 3 goals to have prognostic void.

The two meet after a period of 3 years, in 2012 and 2013 two they played two friendlies in which Jokerit win at 0, 3: 0 and 5: 0, and perhaps even today Finns will not be able to score, that increasing the possibility that Russians win a big handicap.

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