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Los Angeles Dodgers vs Philadelphia Phillies

Los Angeles Dodgers are one win behind the San Francisco Giants and the hunt continued leadership in the division.

I am counting on hosts with maximum confidence today and I had the strength to impose at least 4 sites run advance this happening the last two games direct from here. Julio Urias will throw the Dodgers, he has 4.98 ERA and 1-2 balance so far, numbers a little better lately for Mexican.

Phillies did work with top are a band of Meciu level and occupied 9th place in the conference confirm this. Zach Eflin has 4.77 ERA and 3-4 balance sheet date, with guests pitcher and he figures a little better lately. Dodgers have a good moral after Catiguá last two games of the series with the Red Sox here and in other words is the team with the second best percentage in the league, 0625

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