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Nico Gaitan also took him into the Benfica

In his first year he had the pressure to replace Di Maria and was slowly, but ended up shining. In the PizjuƔn he lost 15 balls in 45 minutes, but not stopped trying.

Gaitan has not yet produced the desired effect Atletico. It is a well known difficulty of adapting to the new in a team with their teams so different mechanisms of origin.

In addition, Gaitan has met with the explosion of Carrasco and episodes of Correa. Yesterday it touched him enter his compatriot and in line with the rest of the team, was not a solution. Gaitan came yesterday at the break. Simeone said what his goal in the press room, I wanted to pass more clearly with the ball in the attacking half arrival. For the former Benfica, after only three games as the holder of the eight he has played, the opportunity was capital.

Accustomed to almost always dominating effect of changes Simeone, his entry did not produce the desired effect. His first minutes on the wet turf stadium sevillista coincided with a mattress decontrol and Simeone was forced quickly to give input to Tiago to stop the onslaught hispalense. He was not fine in the past the Argentine international. He moved in a success rate of 60% (12 of 20), but fact is that 11 of them were in the attacking half. What most surprised is that lost many balls in only one part. 15, one less than Griezmann who played the whole game.

Gaitan was not fine, but did not hide. In the last minutes Atletico looked at him and was stopped abruptly three times missing, the mattress player who most received. Gaitan and had to live with the pressure of being a millionaire on arrival at Benfica in 2010 signing.

She landing to replace a Di Maria who had gone mad to Da Luz. Former Boca gave the jump to Europe and just 22 he was already offered the starring role. And it cost. In its beginnings in Lisbon, a sense of chest cold player was inducted into the stands. The timing of Benfica did not help. It was the worst campaign of Jorge Jesus in the flesh team, finishing second league championship 21 points behind Porto.

But gradually he grew Gaitan and finished as Newcomer of Portugal. The current is already another player, mature and built in the requirement of a team winning a match where there was already a crisis. Thus, almost a teenager, and showed character to forget a world class player. It is also true that in this successful period in Da Luz understood his need: to feel important and trusted object to perform.

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